Spiritual Power Tibetan DZI


DZI beads can be composed of various materials, but DZI beads from natural Agate are the most popular. For Asian people the source of a DZI beads is still relevant. Beads that originate from a Tibetan mine supposedly have the strongest spiritual power. All DZI beads used in our collection find their origin in the Himalaya region in the area of Tibet and China.

In old Tibetan literature DZI beads were believed to protect the person wearing the stone against evil, disaster and catastrophe. It was also told the stone could bring fortune, happiness and long life. The different characters in the DZI design symbolize different prophecies. In jewelry DZI beads are often worn in combination with other stone types.

It is further believed that combination of DZI beads with metal elements, such as silver and gold, has an adverse effect on the spiritual power of the stones.

In appreciation of the gemstones and their history, our jewelry is based on traditional Tibetan principles.

Jewelry Tibetan DZI