Terms & Conditions

Article 1: Suitability
These general conditions (hereafter: conditions) apply to all agreements and all offers and orders of ZENZ. ZENZ is registered with the Hong Kong SAR under Business Registration office (nr: 39969388).
These conditions are published at www.zenz-it.com
Declination to these conditions is only binding when they are confirmed written by ZENZ. The remaining conditions remain in force unabridged.
By ordering or accepting an offer buyer declares to accept these conditions.
ZENZ can enlist middlemen or other third parties to perform the order. These conditions remain applied.
Article 2: Offers and Agreements
All ZENZ offers are non-committal. This also counts on all offers at the website www.zenz-it.com.
ZENZ products are products of nature and transformed to a piece of jewelry by hand. This makes each item unique. This implies that colors, patterns and sizes may slightly differ from product information as presented during the ordering process. Specifications of an order are provided approximately, but don’t tie ZENZ.
When offers and prices contain written mistakes or faults, which buyer reasonably could have understand, ZENZ can’t be adhered to these offers and prices.
An agreement with ZENZ can only be achieved when ZENZ has accepted the order.
ZENZ can refuse an order if necessary, or apply additional conditions to it. In that case, ZENZ will let the buyer know within 14 days after receiving the order.
Buyer receives an invoice within 14 days after transaction date. The invoice contains also information regarding expected delivery period, contribution in shipping costs and payment details.
Article 3: Prices
Sales are not subject to VAT (No VAT in Hong Kong).
Local import duties, VAT and handling costs are not included in the invoice sent by ZENZ. These amounts differ per country and need to be paid by buyer on delivery.
Buyer contributes in shipping costs. Options will be specified during ordering process.
Article 4: Payments
The total invoice amount should be received within 14 days after the invoice date.
Payment can occur in one of the ways specified during the ordering procedure.
Objections against possible costs and the height of the selling price don’t postpone the obligatory payment.
ZENZ charges 1% interest per month for payments not or not complete received in time.
Buyer will be charged for all reasonable costs ZENZ has to make to settle all payment obligations.
Article 5: Supply and Delivery Period
Supply will take place if all payment obligations are settled.
Supply of the products takes place at the location and the time on which the products are ready for sending. From this moment, the risk of the products passes on to the buyer.
ZENZ will make an effort to provide the goods within the given delivery period.
The given delivery period is an indication and applies not as fatal period. If the indicative delivery periods are exceeded, this gives no right to claim damages, dissolving the agreement, or abandoning the order.
If the delivery period has exceeded in such a way the buyer can’t be reasonably expected to maintain the agreement, buyer is entitled to cancel or dissolve the agreement.
Buyer is obliged to provide correct address information.
ZENZ does not send packages to P.O. Boxes.
The parcel will be send by Hong Kong Post to the given address.
Buyer will be charged if ZENZ has to make additional costs to get the package delivered at the correct address.
Article 6: Guarantee
ZENZ guarantees the provided products meet the usual requirements and standards, which they can be put to.
If the supplied products can’t be put to the usual requiring and standards, buyer can put the intended complaints procedure in functioning.
Article 7: Protest
Buyer need to check the goods at the moment of delivery to see if it satisfies to the usual requirements.
Possible shortages should be reported in writing at ZENZ within 7 days after receiving the goods and have to be presented mentioning ordering data, invoice- and mailing number.
If ZENZ concludes a delivery doesn`t apply to the agreement indeed, ZENZ should choose to refund the amount, or remunerate in products.
Article 8: Liability
Restricted to the guarantee mentioned in article 6.
ZENZ gemstone jewelry must be handled with care. ZENZ has no responsibility if damage is done due to criminal intent and/or gross faults and/or reproachable handling and/or judging inability and/or improper use by the consumer, or exposing the products to high pressure, chemicals or extreme strong light.
ZENZ is not responsibility for a misunderstanding, damages, delays or communication lacks in ordering or announcements by using computers, telephone, the internet or any other means of communication between buyer and ZENZ or between ZENZ and third parties, except if there`s talk of criminal intent or gross faults by ZENZ.
Article 9: Ownership Reservation
The provided products remain property of ZENZ and only pass on after ZENZ received the complete invoice amount and all debts paid, based on any agreement with ZENZ.
As long as the complete payment of the products has not been received by ZENZ, buyer is not authorized to pawn or estrange the products to third parties.
Article 10: Intellectual and industrial Ownership Rights
Buyer has to respect all intellectual and industrial ownership rights which rest on products and services provided by ZENZ.
Article 11: Supremacy
Supremacy mentioned in this article means when ZENZ can`t meet their obligations and this can`t be blamed to ZENZ and it gives ZENZ the right without juridical intervention, to postpone or entirely or partially dissolve the agreement without being held to any compensation. ZENZ has no responsibility for any damage if ZENZ is unable to apply to their obligations by causes beyond their control.
If supremacy applies only to a part of the agreement, that specific part of the agreement will be terminated. The remaining part of the agreement remains unchanged.
Article 12: Applicable Law
Any dispute arising in connection of these terms and conditions shall be finally settled under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong.